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Silver Steel Plate


Dr. Johnny Hunt 
Evangelism & Leadership 
North American Mission Board

“What a joy to share a good word concerning my good friend Chris. I love to see a person minister with passion and Chris is full of Christ’s passion. Chris is not only a gifted songwriter, singer and musician, but has a great heart for Jesus and a deep love for the church. Use him and your people will thank you!”

Pastor Jeff Simmons
Church Central
Milledgeville, GA

“I believe one word can describe Chris…Passion. Don’t get me wrong this boy can sing! God has given Chris more talent than one man ought to have, but it is the passion that Chris sings with that we will connect to. He is passionately in love with Jesus. Chris is not afraid to let that passion show in his music and his testimony. God is using this man in a huge way. The music and his life are a reflection of his closest friend, Jesus Christ. Chris thanks for keeping it real!”

Junior Hill

“Chris McDaniel is an unusual trophy of God’s grace! His life has been uniquely touched by the Lord’s transforming power. Few men have ever been so high, fallen as far, and risen so triumphantly. If anyone doubts that Jesus is a forgiving Savior who has the power you change the direction of a person’s life, they need to hear Chris! I love and admire him and hope pastors and churches will use him. I promise he will bless you!”

Silver Steel Plate

Dr. Ted Traylor
Olive Baptist
Pensacola, FL


“Chris McDaniel is a man radically changed by the grace and mercy of Jesus. He has a new song in his heart. This former keyboard artist with Confederate Railroad now has a new conductor. We have had him at Olive and I encourage you to use this man. You will not be disappointed.”

Dr. Herb Revis
North Jacksonville Baptist
Jacksonville, FL

“Chris McDaniel is a living testimony that God changes people from the inside out. He was a blessing to our church and will be the same to yours. It is refreshing to see someone who passionately follows Christ. Use his ministry and be blessed.”

Pastor Bill Mason
Morris Hill Baptist 
Chattanooga, TN


“Brokenness before God is a hard place to get to, especially when the success of the world comes first. The drawing of the world, crowds and flattery; the rewards of the world, Grammy’s and recognition; the results of the world, drugs and destruction; these were all part of the world Chris left in order to follow a new path, the path of the Cross. The Music that the Lord has given Chris is a direct result of the mercy and grace the Lord Jesus Christ has bestowed on him. Your church will experience an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will lead the lost to the cross of Christ and will break the hearts of believers before the throne of glory.”

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