Chris was formerly with the award winning multi platinum country group Confederate Railroad. He spent 16 years with the group until 2000, where he

found himself in the middle of a $70,000 a year cocaine addiction. He went into rehab where he admitted he had a problem and was in need of a Higher power. 


He got out of rehab, and found himself at Bayside Baptist Church in Harrison, TN where he heard a message on Jer. 29:11-13. Convicted by the word of God, he was led to the altar by one of God’s saints, where he totally surrendered to Christ. Chris McDaniel and his team have over 25 years experience serving in churches, prisons, and rehab centers all over the United States.  We have been called and given a great passion to reestablish the presence of the local church in the community by outreach and ministries in the local jails and prisons.