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As a former member of the award-winning, multi-platinum country band, Confederate Railroad, I spent 16 years with the band. Life in the music business can be hard, and even the most grounded person can lose himself with all of the pressures that come along with stardom. During that time I thought I had it all until I found myself completely lost and in the middle of a $70,000 a year cocaine addiction. After hitting rock bottom, I eventually went into rehab where I had to admit I had a problem and was in need of a Higher power to help me.


After rehab, and I found myself at Bayside Baptist Church in Harrison, TN and heard a message on Jer. 29:11-13. Convicted by the word of God, I was led to the altar by one of God’s saints, where I totally surrendered my life to Christ. 

Life begins with a conversation, and God has given me a unique gift to always start a conversation with everyone, anywhere I meet them. Since He has changed my life, my heartbeat is about sharing what I found in and through Jesus Christ. Many conversations over the years have led to opportunities to lead people to Christ or pray for various needs. For the past 22 years, my team and I have been 

serving in churches, crusades, revivals, prisons, and rehab centers all over the US.  We have been given a great passion and mandate to tell people about Jesus and see them free from anything that hinders them living their best life in Him. 

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